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NEWS  FLASH  –  Watch this blog –  and you will see , within about 2 – 3 months that


is being followed ………………….by


We are so quick to use foul language when we address someone in anger !


In our town the Taxis cause havoc during the day ….., and sometimes at night as well.

How easy to shout at the driver to use the indicators or something like “ where did you buy your damned licence?”   Sound familiar ?  I’m certain it must strike a cord.


Abuse ….., yes that is abuse, even though we would like to ignore that fact.


Or what about Bruno the Alsatian, or maybe Garfield the cat, when we are in a hurry and the poor pet is in the way.  Chances are that we might shove it with a foot or shout at it .

And later this afternoon when we arrive back at home, guess who is waiting upon us, wagging his  tail and so happy to see us.   And we…….., do we even give it a thought that we were nasty toward poor Bruno ?  Never, we carry on as if nothing had happened.


Exactly how we treat animals, that is sometimes also true on how we treat people.

When we notice a person with a disability, we intend to stare and whisper behind our hands.

Why ?   Many disabled people were either born that way, or some lost a limb in an accident, or due to some or other illness.   What about the people who are blind or deaf ?  Imagine what a shock it can be when someone shouts in that blind persons ear ?   And believe me, that happens !


Deaf people also find themselves being abused.   Especially when they are being ignored and there is no regard for their disability, by turning you head away from that person, who needs to see your mouth in order to lip read.  How cruel are people ?



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