And it goes further ! Abuse, that is.


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And it goes further !  Abuse, that is.


We as the public are also abused from time to time, in fact, more often than not.

Just think about the scams, the corruption and many other instances where we are conned out of our hard earned money.

Abused ?  Of course we were !


How often do we hear of elderly people, vulnerable women, ignorant or gullible people, who lose their entire savings or livelihood to some scammers.   Someone gives a very efficient and well prepared talk on a money-making product, and guess what happens ?   At least 40% of those listeners would invest in the product, without doing any homework.   Certain countries have managed to get themselves blacklisted due to the many scamming artists .  All this happens due to the power of MONEY – the quick rich schemes.  Who does not want to make a quick buck or even better,  become wealthy within a very short period ?


Then there are those who make a living by abuse.

How ?

Parents send their young children to beg from people in the streets .

Who are we to turn a blind eye to these instances of abuse ?

What are we, the public doing about it ?  Most of all, what are the POLICE and LAW  ENFORCERS doing about it ?  I have been witness to instances where these police driven vehicles drive by and sometimes even stop to engage in a conversation with these children.

Should they not immediately act on these instances ?




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