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What.are emotions –  as described in the Colllins –Dictionary

…… emotion is a feeling such as happiness, love, fear, anger, or hatred, which can be caused by the situation that you are in , or the people you are with.


There are many descriptions and definitions of emotions, however, I think that the basic understanding of emotion is as per the description above.


Do you know how many emotions we, human beings may experience.


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……recent research out of the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that this simplifies things. Rather than six broad categories, there could be 27 distinct types of emotion, all of which are interconnected.


Some days we may wake up and feel sad for no reason.  Imagine how these emotions impact on the lives of abused people.


During conversations with colleagues and friends , I came to realise how little we know about emotions.

Becoming aware that something may be wrong, is also very difficult, and sometimes the abused disguise their pain very well.


It is so important that we realise how to say something in order not to impose on a person.  Unfortunately, we as human beings are inclined to enjoy hurting people in a malicious manner.


One of the most experienced emotions are obviously jealousy.  How abusive we can be when being jealous of a person.  Be it of his/ her success or achievement, or anything that may cause that green monster to stick out its ugly head.  How difficult some of us find it to say,  and mean it,  when we apologise for wrongdoing , or congratulate someone with an achievement.


Yes, abuse has many faces, and we need to change our attitude toward abuse.


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