Abuse of men ?


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Abuse of men ?

Oops !  And we thought it is only women who are abused ?


Look at what Emily Douglas, a professor in Social Science,  at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, who researched and mainly worked on violence against men by their own partners , has to say, according to  MEL Magazine.

She says the need to be “macho” has resulted in men not even considering themselves victims or realizing the violence they’re experiencing,  is a crime. “We don’t think of men as being capable of being victims or targets of abuse. We associate them with moral and physical strength and being protectors, which doesn’t align nicely with an image of someone being physically abused, psychologically manipulated or degraded.”

The next question that would probably be asked …….
How is that possible ?

It is possible and happens more often than we may think or be aware of.
Perhaps we should visit our local hospitals to get the statistics of how many men are physically abused by their partners.  Psychologists can also be able to provide the numbers of patients who are or have been receiving treatment.

The main problem with men reporting violence against them, is the fact that they may be mocked .  We tend to look at men and see only their physique.  That is probably where the biggest problem is, since men also have feelings and emotions, and due to norms, men are supposed to be strong.

Furthermore, men are ashamed to seek help.  They are more concerned about what the doctor or psychologist may think of them than to find a person in whom they could confide. After all, they do not even consider that the doctor / patient privilege does come into play.

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