There is an old saying – Never bite the hand that feeds you .


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There is an old  saying – Never bite the hand that feeds you .

Heard of it ?  I guess so !

How often have you been ‘bitten’  by that person or persons whom you tried to  help ?

It is one of the most frequent used forms of abuse that you may come across. I call it, Abuse of kindness !

Why ?,  Well here’s why.

A person, be it a friend, family member or an acquaintance, wants to borrow,  for example,  your mitre-saw for a day or two.  To your amazement the one or two days become a week, month or much longer, and when you need it and request for its return, the saw is handed back as follows; dirty, clearly misused and maybe even broken, and if you dare to  mention it to the culprit, he/ she,  is immediately defensive and tells you that it was in a poor condition and of poor quality,  upon receiving it, even though you know how meticulous you are with your tools.

What lesson do we learn from this experience ?

Do not lend anything to someone, be  it a friend, relative or an acquaintance.

Another saying that comes to mind – you have to be cruel to be kind, and to be able to look one another in the eye in the future, without any ill feelings.



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