Lavender and another form of Abuse – Body Piercing


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This is not a topic which was touched in Lavender, yet it is considered a form of abuse amongst many people, although it is another example of choice, be it for religious , cultural, or fashionable purposes or merely a statement.

The practice of puncturing the human body eg., ear piercing is well known in historic and ancient times and has been practiced by both males and females, and dates back to more than 5000 years ago.  The African and American cultures mainly practiced lip and tongue  piercing, whilst nipple piercing dates back to ancient Roman times, and genital piercing in India is a form of religion.

Some of the most famous people to wear an earring, was none other than Shakespeare.  Even in Biblical times, Rebecca received a nose ring.   A woman , Elaine Davidson of Brazil , has been noted for the most piercings and is holding the record of more than 6000 piercings.

Archaeologists have recently started to do research on the subject.
Now we ask the question – Is it abusive to the body ?

The dangers and the risks of body piercing is something that needs consideration eg., hyperthrophic scar, bacterial or viral infection and allergies, are only a few.

However, whichever choice you make, think before jumping on the band-wagon.  It is a choice !


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