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In  Lavender, the abuse of the elderly was mentioned, yet it takes place every day and in many instances people ignore so many facts. During the week a situation was brought to my attention of an elderly couple who was requested to get rid of their small dog, as it was a disturbance to an occupant in the same complex.  The complainant is on a witch hunt, and the elderly has to bear the brunt.   Many of the apartment complexes do not allow pets – yet they do not realize how  important a pet, be it a cat, dog or whatever pet it may be,  is to the mental and other health issues, especially to the elderly ?


Many studies have proven that it is therapeutic and a stimulation to the elderly, children and many other people who suffer from some or other health problems, to own a pet


I quote  Animal-assisted activity has been leveraged as an intervention to improve social functioning in older psychiatric () and dementia patients……….. and improving quality of life, mood, and social interaction.’


Time is so important – especially as their time is running out, so why not just be more lenient and allow people to live in peace.


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