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In Lavender we are still talking about it – yes about ABUSE.


And here in Namibia we are feeling the winter creeping up on us.


So many people out there are without blankets and warm clothes .  Are you handing some blankets out to the Round Table Collectors – or are you just ignoring the plight ?  Either way, you probably have a good reason why you do not want to donate a blanket or funds.


Many reasons have been brought up  and ONE  in particular stood out.  Who says that the money and blankets are really going to those very vulnerable people ?


I must admit, it sent me thinking, who controls all these fundraisings ?  How do we know that it is not only a select few who benefit from it ?


Would it not be better to sponsor a family and deliver your funds to them rather than to leave it in someone’s hands whom you have no control over ?


I also wonder if we think about these situations  – of the needy  ?   Or are we merely trying to soothe our conscience ?


Just wondering.


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