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We are so quick to use foul language when we address someone in anger !


In our town the Taxis cause havoc during the day ….., and sometimes at night as well.

How easy to shout at the driver to use the indicators or something like “ where did you buy your damned licence?”   Sound familiar ?  I’m certain it must strike a cord.


Abuse ….., yes that is abuse, even though we would like to ignore that fact.


Or what about Bruno the Alsatian, or maybe Garfield the cat, when we are in a hurry and the poor pet is in the way.  Chances are that we might shove it with a foot or shout at it .

And later this afternoon when we arrive back at home, guess who is waiting upon us, wagging his  tail and so happy to see us.   And we…….., do we even give it a thought that we were nasty toward poor Bruno ?  Never, we carry on as if nothing had happened.


Exactly how we treat animals, that is sometimes also true on how we treat people.

When we notice a person with a disability, we intend to stare and whisper behind our hands.

Why ?   Many disabled people were either born that way, or some lost a limb in an accident, or due to some or other illness.   What about the people who are blind or deaf ?  Imagine what a shock it can be when someone shouts in that blind persons ear ?   And believe me, that happens !


Deaf people also find themselves being abused.   Especially when they are being ignored and there is no regard for their disability, by turning you head away from that person, who needs to see your mouth in order to lip read.  How cruel are people ?


Abuse …….,

The first issue on abuse – was more about what is experienced by the victims.


However,  we, as individuals, what do we do to our parents/ loved ones?  What do we do FOR our parents / loved ones?

Many of us would prefer the parent to be in a retirement home, yes, I do understand that, but, when there are celebrations, family gatherings, how many of us tend to forget the parents who sacrificed so much in order to give the best they could afford ?

That,  is abuse!  Maybe not the way we think about abuse, yet it still remains abuse.


Somewhere I read that we are the product of our parents, whether they are rich or poor, good or bad, that does not matter, we still have to respect and love them for who thy are.


Today there are so many issues that we, as people, have to deal with.  We are inclined to spend much more time on our electronic devices.  Children play games on their mobile phones, whilst adults  spend more time  text messaging.   Do we realise that time is limited ?  How much time is your life-span ?   We tend to forget that we do not control TIME.  One minute lost daily becomes 365 minutes lost during a year.


Just take a couple of  seconds and THINK what you could have done with the time that you lost, to improve another persons’ life,  or an animals’ life.

How , maybe, we could have saved a massacre by someone who needed attention and was probably “crying” out for help, which we did not see or recognise.   Is it not time that we,  as individuals, parents, siblings, children and friends, start to become more aware of what is happening, be it abuse, or neglect or cruelty, or maybe someone crying out for a little bit of acknowledgement ?


ABUSE – What is abuse actually ?

According to various definitions it is classified as the MISUSE of someone or something

repeatedly.  An example is the repeated habitual over-indulgence of alcohol to the detriment of the user.


We, as people, are oblivious of the many faces / types of abuse that are found amongst us.

Is it ignorance by choice, or are we afraid of getting involved in something that we can not handle ?


Whatever the reason, many of the issues that happen, are connected to some form of abuse.


Often we say something jokingly, without even considering that it might affect the person or persons whom it was aimed at.  An example – “BIG Foot”, a nickname when someone has big feet, or  “Dilly Dreams”, aimed at someone who is perhaps bespectacled and not into the fun loving things that others may like, or even calling someone a nerd, due to his / her interest in information gathering or learning.  These nicknames are mostly carried by  the people involved, for their entire lives.  However, do we, the name givers, realise what the impact is or may have been on the receivers of these names.


I agree, this is done in a sporting way, however, no person can ever know what the other person feels upon this name calling.


There are so many instances of abuse which we allow to pass us by, because, maybe we noticed an elderly person with bruises on his/ her arms and / or legs.   Upon enquiring, the affected person/s may brush it off, because he / she does not want to cause any problems, mainly being afraid of further abuse by the perpetrators.  This has frequently been proven in retirement homes, where the elderly, who can not fend for themselves are being mistreated by staff-members.